Become a VIP Fan

As every being with feathers knows, there are fans….

….and then there are FANS.

Fans may visit your blog every so often. Perhaps they will even “follow” your adventures.

But FANS….FANS adore all things feathery.

FANS will go the distance to be the “wind beneath your (fetching and feathery) wings.”

FANS will even commit to buying your new book in advance because it is all about you!

If you are this kind of fan – FAN – Pearl wants you to be in his VIP Fan Club.


  • Get your name printed in Pearl’s personal credits in his new book
  • Get entered in the contest to win a special autographed copy of Pearl’s new book
  • Get VIP Members-Only Fan Club e-news


  • Let Pearl know you plan to purchase one (1) copy of his new book when it arrives


  • Show your support by pre-purchasing one (1) copy of Pearl’s new book right now!


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