Paint Your Pet (Just Add Wine)


We did it.

Me. Mom. Two canvases. 6 paint brushes. One large bottle of fine Franciscan wine (thanks for donating to the cause, Dad).

The scene? Pinot’s Palette – a tiny artistic oasis nestled amongst a jumble of wine bars, antique shops and vegan eateries in the heart of the Montrose community. (Perhaps this sounds familiar – if so you probably admired my work in this previous post. ;-))

The setup? It is Mom’s birthday. She is painting their 10-year old extra-long brown dachsund, J.P. Morgan (like the bluegrass song, not the bank). Morgan and I share a birthday. I’m not sure who feels more, um, honored by this.

And I, of course, am painting the avian king himself, Sir Pearl.

Check. It. Out.

Mom. Painting grass.

Mom. Me. Standing with our masterpieces. Can you believe we finished early too? Picasso’d better watch his back.

Of course the critical mass moment arrived when it came time for the world famous art critic to inspect our work.

Hmmmm. Something about this seems familiar.

Whoa. That’s the biggest cockatiel I’ve ever seen!

Oh. It’s ME. Pretty!!

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