About Pearl’s Waffle Fund

It’s not easy being a birdie and tortoise mommy AND the household breadwinner.

Assisting a VIP client (with feathers) who routinely places “scratching neck feathers” and “toasting waffles” ahead of “earning rent money,” a gal can struggle to fit it all in.

That’s where YOU – Pearl’s most awesome-est VIP fans – come in.

Each donation to Pearl’s Waffle Fund keeps this blog going strong & FREE,* day by day by day.

*Since Pearl’s contract stipulates “no waffles, no work,” every penny, dime, & dollar counts!

Donate to Pearl’s Waffle Fund (Paypal or Credit Card)


p.s. Pearl thanks you….and his proud and adoring mommy thanks you! 🙂


Pearl…enjoying a delicious “handfed” waffle, courtesy of YOU! 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Pearl’s Waffle Fund

  1. Hi, Shannon. I was just wondering, do you make Pearl his own waffles or are they store bought? And if they’re homemade, what ingredients do you use. I know that Cachi would love them, knowing he likes to test mommy’s subjects too. 😉

    • Great question, Brigitte! My mom (Pearl’s grandma) makes his waffles. All organic ingredients, lower salt, no sugar….then I freeze them and toast them for his treats. Also – a fun sneak peak – I’ll be including the actual recipe in Pearl’s new BOOK! 🙂 You could probably get away with buying all-organic waffles at Whole Foods if you don’t have a waffle maker – I know many people (including yours truly) don’t. Just look for something with low sodium, ideally very little sugar, and no yeast if possible. Maybe try gluten free for that. Let me know if Cachi likes them! 🙂

Pearl & his mommy <3 comments! :-)

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